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nutreince Blowout SALE

Original Vanilla Chocolate

56 powder packets per box (28 AM & 28 PM)

We are making room for the new nutreince inventory, and that means one thing…SALE!

For a limited time all boxes of our original nutreince AM vanilla and PM chocolate will be on sale for the whacky price of $33.33. That is a HUGE SAVINGS of 44% off.

Now, to be clear, this sale is ONLY on the original vanilla/chocolate boxes (not the new vanilla chai/chocolate lava flavors). Also, the sell by date on these boxes is November 2018. However, this is a sell by date, not a use by date, and because we individually wrap each and every serving, you can be assured that the air stays out and quality stays in allowing for at least another 6 months before you need to use them. This deal won’t last long and we will run out quickly. Enjoy the great taste of our original vanilla/chocolate nutreince at a huge savings for months to come.

112 AM & 112 PM capsules per box

$33.33 $59.95
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Click here to be notified by email when nutreince Blowout SALE becomes available.

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Product Description

How is nutreince different from your multi?

First, nutreince comes in four, great tasting powdered options that you simply add to water and drink, as well as an easy to swallow, immediate release vegetarian capsule. And because nutreince is free of binders, fillers, excipients, and sugar it is up to 98% absorbable and supplies you with 100% of the daily value (DV) for 20 essential vitamins and minerals you need to achieve and maintain extraordinary health—more than any other major brand.

Second, nutreince is the first and only multivitamin that is formulated using patented anti-competition technology to eliminate over 45 absorption and health-blocking micronutrient competitions that are found in typical multivitamins. Additionally, nutreince also provides more than 85 absorption and health-enhancing micronutrient synergies to greatly increase the benefits of many of the essential micronutrients found in nutreince. This results in greater health benefits for you.      

So, who are we? And why are we so passionate about micronutrients?

We are Dr. Jayson Calton and Certified Nutritionist Mira Calton and we believe that health is our most precious commodity.  

Jayson and Mira Calton

We created nutreince out of a desperate need to reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis and give her back her health. We knew that our research into properly formulated vitamins and minerals had really paid off, when after only 2 years her debilitating bone disease had been reversed. Now it is our mission to work as the world’s leading experts on the topic of micronutrient sufficiency to help both adults and children to prevent and reverse osteoporosis and other debilitating health conditions and diseases, so that they can have the extraordinary life they were born to live.

Our research into micronutrient competition led us to realize that the health benefits of more than 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin were potentially being negated. We have always been inspired by innovative thinkers whose visionary ideas have improved the world. We believe that the technology behind nutreince will propel the multivitamin into the 21st century—and will improve your health and that of millions of others. 

I read in Forbes and The New York Times that multivitamins don’t work, is that true?

The multivitamin is one of the most popular health supplements in the world. In fact, a nationwide Gallup poll shows half of all Americans take vitamins regularly. But recently modern science has begun to question the efficacy of the multivitamin.

It turns out that there are 4 distinct areas where researchers have found most multivitamins don’t make the grade. They are Absorption, Beneficial Quantities and Forms, and Micronutrient Competition and Synergy. In fact, because of these issues the scientific research shows that the majority of the multivitamins on the market simply don’t work.

However, vitamins and minerals are essential to our health. The research showing the amazing health benefits for each individual essential micronutrient was airtight. Meaning thousands of high quality peer-reviewed research papers published around the world confirm that micronutrients like vitamin D and calcium really are superstars at preventing cancer and building strong bones, and others like zinc and vitamin C really do help to support a properly functioning immune system.

This logic told us not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The negative results with the multivitamin were not the fault of the individual nutrients themselves, but rather a formulation issue with the multivitamin. So we set out on a mission to find out why, when individual micronutrients are studied in isolation they show amazing health benefits, but when they are put together in a multivitamin the benefits all but disappear.

The problem, we discovered, occurred when these individual micronutrients are haphazardly thrown together in the typical multivitamin pill without almost any thought concerning Absorption, Beneficial Quantities and Forms or Micronutrient Competitions and Synergies. It wasn’t that the micronutrients found in the typical multivitamin didn’t work, in fact no one in the nutrition or medical communities disputes that they are absolutely essential for optimal health, it was how those micronutrients were delivered that was the issue – it was as we suspected, the multivitamin wasn’t working because of 4 simple, but vitally important formulation issues. 

Research made formulating nutreince as easy as the ABC’s

During the long process of researching the science behind optimal Absorption, the Beneficial Quantities and Forms for each micronutrient and the rarely discussed topics of Micronutrient Competition and Synergy, we developed set of guidelines that we used to help us evaluate and analyze nearly each decision we would make while formulating nutreince. From how nutreince would be taken, to which form of each micronutrient we would use, to which micronutrients would be separated from one another because of absorption blocking competitions and which ones would be paired together because of beneficial synergies. We called this The ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines.

When we put the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines together, it revealed that the most effective multivitamin would be a single-serving, powdered formula delivered in liquid form, free of binders, fillers, excipients, artificial flavors and colors, and sugars. It would contain beneficial quantities of each micronutrient (approximately 100 percent of the RDI), with two exceptions: calcium would be lower than the RDI (around 500 milligrams) and vitamin D would be higher than the RDI (around 2,000 IU). Additionally, where applicable, the multivitamin would also contain a full spectrum of beneficial forms for each micronutrient and would be formulated using Anti-Competition Technology, which completely separates known competitive micronutrients to enhance absorption and utilization. This would require that it contain at least two completely different formulations to be taken at two different times during the day. And lastly, synergistic micronutrients would be paired in each formula to enhance the potential health benefits of each micronutrient.

Our reinvention of the multivitamin: nutreince 

Our ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines had certainly painted a very different picture of what a properly formulated multivitamin should look like. We searched high and low to find a multivitamin that would offer superior absorption and that contained the beneficial quantities and forms we were looking for. Sadly, there wasn’t one. Beyond that, none of the multivitamins we found were formulated using Anti-Competition Technology or anything like it. Sure, the synergies were there, but our research had shown us that without first eliminating the micronutrient competitions, the synergies are all but useless.

So, we did the only thing we could do: We started from scratch and began to piece together a multivitamin of our own. We wanted to create a multivitamin that followed the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines to the letter, to help Mira reverse her advanced osteoporosis—a single-serving, powdered multivitamin that would once and for all get rid of the handfuls of pills we, and our clients, were forced to take every day. A complete multivitamin that would eliminate all four of the flaws that science had identified in the modern multivitamin that we felt were reducing its overall effectiveness. We knew that the hard part would be following our own guidelines and ending up with something palatable and affordable. Manufacturer after manufacturer looked at our formulation and told us that it was impossible. “It will taste horrible,” they said. And to be honest, we almost gave up several times.

The truth is, if there had been even one other multivitamin, anywhere in the world, that met the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines, we would have been thrilled to use it (and would likely be suggesting it to you right now). But there wasn’t one. So after 6 years of countless formulation attempts and more than 3 years of working with the US Patent and Trademark Office to validate and patent our invention of Anti-Competition Technology, we finally introduced our patented reinvention of the multivitamin – nutreince, to the world in 2012.

We share this story with you because we want you to know how and why we created nutreince and that we didn’t just haphazardly decide to throw together and sell a multivitamin to make money. We believe that a properly formulated multivitamin, like nutreince, is absolutely essential in order to achieve optimal health, which is why we felt so strongly about spending the time, energy, and money to search out one of the most highly respected, FDA-regulated, NSF-certified, US manufacturers to help us develop nutreince and bring it to market. In the end all our hard work and research has more than paid off, not only did nutreince help Mira to completely reverse her advanced osteoporosis and maintain her bone health for more than 10 years now, but over the last 6 years, nutreince has grown wildly in popularity and has received praise from some of the most respected figures in the health and wellness world. nutreince is now available worldwide, and nothing makes us happier than receiving e-mail testimonials regarding the health successes of our nutreince customers.

Want to find out how your current multivitamin stacks up to nutreince using our ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines?

Take our FREE Multivitamin Stack Up Quiz HERE.


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You bet! You'll get an e-mail after you purchase with a link to change your subscription frequency, change the products you receive, update your order date, or cancel anytime. Alternately, you can just contact us at and we'll set you up.


You'll get an e-mail after you purchase with a link to change your subscription frequency or cancel anytime. Alternately, you can just contact us at and we'll set you up.

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