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  • 100% daily value of 20 essential vitamins and minerals–more than any other major brand
  • Anti-Competition™ Technology improves micronutrient absorption and usage up to 98%
  • Your Choice: 3 great tasting, flavored options, one natural, unsweetened, unflavored formula and easy to swallow capsules
  • Utilizes the best, most absorbable form of each micronutrient
  • Eliminates over 45 absorption and health-blocking micronutrient competitions
  • Powdered nutreince contains 56 packets per box (28 AM & 28 PM), while nutreince capsules contain 112 AM and 112 PM capsules for 24 hour nutritional support.


The Multivitamin Reinvented

Each drink mix box contains 56 powder packets (28 AM & 28 PM).
Each box of capsules contains 224 capsules (112 AM & 112 PM).

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2 reasons you need a high-quality multivitamin


Reason Number One: Your body is not receiving and absorbing the essential micronutrients, (or vitamins and minerals) that it needs to run the thousands of essential metabolic functions it must perform daily to maintain basic health. This is due to a variety of farming and food processing factors that are literally stripping our modern food supply of most of its essential vitamins and minerals. For example, according to the USDA, an apple today contains 96% less iron, 48% less calcium, and 82% less magnesium that an apple 80 years ago, and the statistics are equally shocking for modern meats and vegetables.(1)


Reason Number Two: Your body is constantly being bombarded with more micronutrient depleting factors than it has ever had to deal with in human history. Did you know that stress alone depletes all of the following micronutrients: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, choline, C, D, E, calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, omega-3, and carnitine? Then you have to take into account the over-consumption of micronutrient depletors such as sugar, alcohol, processed foods, wheat, soy and medications. Finally, exercise, pollution, and environmental toxins reduce your level of micronutrients leaving you in a state of serious micronutrient deficiency.

This is a real one-two punch!

Unfortunately, in our modern world we can’t just eat a well-balanced diet and get all the nutrition we need. First, our modern foods are no longer supplying us with the amount of vitamins and minerals that they did for our ancient ancestors or even our grandparents. And second, our modern lifestyles are demanding more of these scarce, yet essential micronutrients than ever before.

Did you know that according to the USDA, more than 92% of Americans are deficient in the essential micronutrients needed to maintain basic health.(13) Shockingly, this affects nearly twice as many people as heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes combined! This makes micronutrient deficiency the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century. The most widespread, because it effects nearly all of us, and the most dangerous, because modern medical science now knows that when you become deficient in your essential micronutrients you open the door to nearly all of the health conditions and lifestyle diseases currently affecting billions of people worldwide.

You should really be paying attention now if you are currently suffering from any of the following common health complaints:

  • Difficulty sleeping(2)
  • Low energy(3)
  • Slow metabolism and weight gain(4)
  • Depression or mood swings(5)
  • Hormone Imbalance(6)
  • Declining memory or brain fog(7)
  • Food cravings(8)
  • Poor eyesight(9)
  • High Cholesterol or Blood Pressure(10)
  • Low Immune System(11)
  • Osteoporosis or Osteopenia(12)
  • Macular Degeneration (AMD) (18)
  • Cancer (37)
  • Diabetes (37, 39)



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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How is nutreince different from your multi?

First, nutreince comes in four, great tasting powdered options that you simply add to water and drink, as well as an easy to swallow, immediate release vegetarian capsule. And because nutreince is free of binders, fillers, excipients, and sugar it is up to 98% absorbable and supplies you with 100% of the daily value (DV) for 20 essential vitamins and minerals you need to achieve and maintain extraordinary health—more than any other major brand.

Second, nutreince is the first and only multivitamin that is formulated using patented anti-competition technology to eliminate over 45 absorption and health-blocking micronutrient competitions that are found in typical multivitamins. Additionally, nutreince also provides more than 85 absorption and health-enhancing micronutrient synergies to greatly increase the benefits of many of the essential micronutrients found in nutreince. This results in greater health benefits for you.      

So, who are we? And why are we so passionate about micronutrients?

We are Dr. Jayson Calton and Certified Nutritionist Mira Calton and we believe that health is our most precious commodity.  

Jayson and Mira Calton

We created nutreince out of a desperate need to reverse Mira’s advanced osteoporosis and give her back her health. We knew that our research into properly formulated vitamins and minerals had really paid off, when after only 2 years her debilitating bone disease had been reversed. Now it is our mission to work as the world’s leading experts on the topic of micronutrient sufficiency to help both adults and children to prevent and reverse osteoporosis and other debilitating health conditions and diseases, so that they can have the extraordinary life they were born to live.

Our research into micronutrient competition led us to realize that the health benefits of more than 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin were potentially being negated. We have always been inspired by innovative thinkers whose visionary ideas have improved the world. We believe that the technology behind nutreince will propel the multivitamin into the 21st century—and will improve your health and that of millions of others. 

I read in Forbes and The New York Times that multivitamins don’t work, is that true?

The multivitamin is one of the most popular health supplements in the world. In fact, a nationwide Gallup poll shows half of all Americans take vitamins regularly. But recently modern science has begun to question the efficacy of the multivitamin.

It turns out that there are 4 distinct areas where researchers have found most multivitamins don’t make the grade. They are Absorption, Beneficial Quantities and Forms, and Micronutrient Competition and Synergy. In fact, because of these issues the scientific research shows that the majority of the multivitamins on the market simply don’t work.

However, vitamins and minerals are essential to our health. The research showing the amazing health benefits for each individual essential micronutrient was airtight. Meaning thousands of high quality peer-reviewed research papers published around the world confirm that micronutrients like vitamin D and calcium really are superstars at preventing cancer and building strong bones, and others like zinc and vitamin C really do help to support a properly functioning immune system.

This logic told us not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The negative results with the multivitamin were not the fault of the individual nutrients themselves, but rather a formulation issue with the multivitamin. So we set out on a mission to find out why, when individual micronutrients are studied in isolation they show amazing health benefits, but when they are put together in a multivitamin the benefits all but disappear.

The problem, we discovered, occurred when these individual micronutrients are haphazardly thrown together in the typical multivitamin pill without almost any thought concerning Absorption, Beneficial Quantities and Forms or Micronutrient Competitions and Synergies. It wasn’t that the micronutrients found in the typical multivitamin didn’t work, in fact no one in the nutrition or medical communities disputes that they are absolutely essential for optimal health, it was how those micronutrients were delivered that was the issue – it was as we suspected, the multivitamin wasn’t working because of 4 simple, but vitally important formulation issues. 

Research made formulating nutreince as easy as the ABC’s

During the long process of researching the science behind optimal Absorption, the Beneficial Quantities and Forms for each micronutrient and the rarely discussed topics of Micronutrient Competition and Synergy, we developed set of guidelines that we used to help us evaluate and analyze nearly each decision we would make while formulating nutreince. From how nutreince would be taken, to which form of each micronutrient we would use, to which micronutrients would be separated from one another because of absorption blocking competitions and which ones would be paired together because of beneficial synergies. We called this The ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines.

When we put the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines together, it revealed that the most effective multivitamin would be a single-serving, powdered formula delivered in liquid form, free of binders, fillers, excipients, artificial flavors and colors, and sugars. It would contain beneficial quantities of each micronutrient (approximately 100 percent of the RDI), with two exceptions: calcium would be lower than the RDI (around 500 milligrams) and vitamin D would be higher than the RDI (around 2,000 IU). Additionally, where applicable, the multivitamin would also contain a full spectrum of beneficial forms for each micronutrient and would be formulated using Anti-Competition Technology, which completely separates known competitive micronutrients to enhance absorption and utilization. This would require that it contain at least two completely different formulations to be taken at two different times during the day. And lastly, synergistic micronutrients would be paired in each formula to enhance the potential health benefits of each micronutrient.

Our reinvention of the multivitamin: nutreince

Our ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines had certainly painted a very different picture of what a properly formulated multivitamin should look like. We searched high and low to find a multivitamin that would offer superior absorption and that contained the beneficial quantities and forms we were looking for. Sadly, there wasn’t one. Beyond that, none of the multivitamins we found were formulated using Anti-Competition Technology or anything like it. Sure, the synergies were there, but our research had shown us that without first eliminating the micronutrient competitions, the synergies are all but useless.

So, we did the only thing we could do: We started from scratch and began to piece together a multivitamin of our own. We wanted to create a multivitamin that followed the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines to the letter, to help Mira reverse her advanced osteoporosis—a single-serving, powdered multivitamin that would once and for all get rid of the handfuls of pills we, and our clients, were forced to take every day. A complete multivitamin that would eliminate all four of the flaws that science had identified in the modern multivitamin that we felt were reducing its overall effectiveness. We knew that the hard part would be following our own guidelines and ending up with something palatable and affordable. Manufacturer after manufacturer looked at our formulation and told us that it was impossible. “It will taste horrible,” they said. And to be honest, we almost gave up several times.

The truth is, if there had been even one other multivitamin, anywhere in the world, that met the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines, we would have been thrilled to use it (and would likely be suggesting it to you right now). But there wasn’t one. So after 6 years of countless formulation attempts and more than 3 years of working with the US Patent and Trademark Office to validate and patent our invention of Anti-Competition Technology, we finally introduced our patented reinvention of the multivitamin – nutreince, to the world in 2012.

We share this story with you because we want you to know how and why we created nutreince and that we didn’t just haphazardly decide to throw together and sell a multivitamin to make money. We believe that a properly formulated multivitamin, like nutreince, is absolutely essential in order to achieve optimal health, which is why we felt so strongly about spending the time, energy, and money to search out one of the most highly respected, FDA-regulated, NSF-certified, US manufacturers to help us develop nutreince and bring it to market. In the end all our hard work and research has more than paid off, not only did nutreince help Mira to completely reverse her advanced osteoporosis and maintain her bone health for more than 10 years now, but over the last 6 years, nutreince has grown wildly in popularity and has received praise from some of the most respected figures in the health and wellness world. nutreince is now available worldwide, and nothing makes us happier than receiving e-mail testimonials regarding the health successes of our nutreince customers.

Want to find out how your current multivitamin stacks up to nutreince using our ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines?

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Explore the benefits of nutreince

“In order to feel great and look fantastic your body has a lot of work to do everyday. It has to fight off colds and flus, rebuild muscles after tough workouts, and handle the stressful situations that you just can’t avoid. You need a supplement that has all of the essential micronutrients, in the right combination and at the right levels, to protect you from poor health and fill you with natural energy. Enjoy nutreince and discover the incredible health benefits for yourself.”

– Dr. Jayson and Mira Calton, Inventors of nutreince, Founders of Calton Nutrition

A superior active source of vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

The standard source of B12, Cyanocobalamin, is not a natural source. In fact, its not found anywhere in nature and must be converted by the liver into methylcobalamin in order be become utilized in humans (and all other animals). Cyanocobalamin is typically found in products such as Centrum and One-A-Day (see compare nutreince…) Methylcobalamin is the form of vitamin B12 active in the central nervous system. It is essential for cell growth and replication making it the best choice for nutreince! (26) *

Natural Tocopherols and Tocotrienols

Vitamin E is split into two families the tocopherols and the tocotrienols, each containing four unique derivatives (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). Nutreince contains the full spectrum of each. Additionally, nutreince supplies a natural source of mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) not a synthetic source of alpha-tocopherol (just one of four tocopherols).(28) According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers found that levels of natural vitamin E (d-tocopherol) in the blood and in the organs were double that of synthetic vitamin E (dl-tocopherol) when compared, showing natural vitamin E is better retained and more biologically active than synthetic.(29) *

6 milligrams of Lutein + Astaxanthin

Most multivitamins do not contain lutein or astaxanthin at all, but we have added 6 mg of lutein and 100 mcg of astaxanthin to nutreince because this is the amount that is recommended to prevent/reverse Macular Degeneration (AMD) and protect against blue light. (18) *

The most biologically active form of Folate, L-5-MTHF

Nutreince contains 400 mcg of the most biologically active form of folate, L-5-MTHF (Quatrefolic), a breakthrough in folate supplementation. L-5-MTHF does not require conversion like folic acid. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that more than 34% of the U.S. population may have a genetic enzyme defect known as MTHFR mutation that makes it difficult for them to convert folic acid into biologically active L-5-MTHF, and new estimates suggest that up to 60% of the population may be affected. For these individuals and many others, L-5-MTHF may be a more effective method of folate supplementation.(17) *

Vitamin D – the skinny vitamin

Nutreince includes 2000 IU of vitamin D, the amount emerging science is currently recommending for optimal health and in the best D3 form. Individuals deficient in vitamin D, which is now being touted as the “skinny” vitamin, are at a higher risk of obesity. A study from Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles found that women who were deficient in vitamin D were, on average, 16.3 pounds heavier than women who were not vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.(37) *

Both forms of vitamin B3 – Niacin and Niacinamide

Most multivitamins only contain niacinamide. However, the two forms of vitamin B3 perform completely different functions in your body. Niacinamide controls blood sugar, but only niacin, a completely different form of vitamin B3 that is usually not found in multivitamins is the form that has been shown to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol). nutreince contains both forms because when we say complete – we mean it!(27) *

Powerful Antioxidant Formulation

We hear a lot about the importance of antioxidants, and how they can control how fast we age by fighting free radicals. That is why we took the time to formulate nutreince to have a super powerful antioxidant punch! By combining some of the worlds most powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, grape seed extract, CoQ10, vitamin E, lutein, beta-carotene, selenium, zeaxanthin, vitamin C and astaxanthin into each daily dose, we exponentially enhanced your ability to fight free radicals and enhance your health.

Preformed vitamin A and beta-carotene, Astaxanthin, and Zeaxanthin

Some multivitamins only contain beta-carotene – an inactive form of vitamin A (pro-vitamin A), which must be converted in the body to retinal (preformed) – an active form (conversion rate of 21:1)(32) – nutreince gives you both forms of vitamin A and also contains super antioxidants astaxanthin and zeaxanthin. 

500 mg of Calcium

Unlike almost any other multivitamin on the market, nutreince delivers 500 mg of calcium in each daily dose. This is the optimal amount of calcium that can be absorbed by the body at one time. Creating sufficiency in calcium not only helps to build strong bones and prevent fractures, but research also shows that it eliminates cravings for salty and sweet foods as well. (34) *

Bone building and calcification clearing elite form or vitamin K2

Vitamin K is often omitted from many multivitamin formulations, but is essential for bone strength and heart health. Nutreince contains vitamin K1 and both forms of K2 (MK-4 and MK-7), but goes one step further by including K2Delta an elite form of MK-7 that does not lose its potency due to micronutrient competition like other K2 products. This is extremely important if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, in that vitamin K2 has been proven in studies to be as effective as prescription drugs in reducing the incidence of bone fractures. (12) Additionally, because K2 directs the calcium out of the arteries and into the bones where it is needed, an elite form of K2 is essential for the prevention of coronary heart disease.(38) *

Statin safe quantities of vitamins C and E

Science has shown us that more is not always better when it comes to the amount of vitamin C and E one should be taking if they are currently taking a statin drug. The anti-inflammatory effect of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can be inhibited by taking mega doses of either vitamin C (>220 mg) or E (>100 IU). Nutreince contains only the RDI of both of these vitamins, well within the safe rage for statin takers.

Metabolically active forms of B1 and B5

Most multivitamin contain forms of thiamine (vitamin B1) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that need to be converted in your body to their active form. The fact is most people have a hard time with these conversions, leaving them susceptible to deficiency. Nutreince contains thiamine pyrophosphate and pantethine – the metabolically active forms of B1 and B5, which do not require conversion and are readily usable by the body. Since both of these B vitamins are essential for energy production, using these superior forms can really enhance your ability to go, go go!* 

CoQ10 (aka Coenzyme Q10)

Here is a micronutrient you won’t find on the label of most multivitamins – it is just too expensive to include! But we need CoQ10 to combat free radicals, maintain a healthy blood pressure, support our nervous and immune systems and to energize every cell in our body. And for those of you who are taking statins it is essential for you to replenish your CoQ10 levels because statin drugs directly deplete CoQ10.(33) *

420 mg of Magnesium

Most multivitamins supply small amounts of magnesium because of its bulky size. Nutreince supplies 420 mg of magnesium, a micronutrient responsible for over 300 essential metabolic reactions in the body as well as controlling sugar cravings.(35)(36) Nutreince contains magnesium citrate - one of the most bioavailable forms to help you protect your bones, support healthy blood pressure and sleep soundly.

Chromium polynicotinate (not picolinate) and vanadium

Nutreince contains the safest, most absorbable form of chromium—chromium polynicotinate. Unlike chromium picolonate, which research suggests may be linked to causing DNA damage, chromium polynicotinate is a pure niacin-bound form of chromium, identified by U.S. government researchers as the active component of true GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) – which regulates the body’s use of glucose and helps to balance blood sugar levels. Vanadium, a mineral that studies suggest may improve glucose tolerance is also added to nutreince. (39) * 

nutreince is formulated using the ABCs of optimal supplementation guidelines to maximize your results.

nutreince delivers superior absorbency

One of the biggest problems with most multivitamins in a pill or capsule form is that they are poorly absorbed. Recent research reveals that over 50% of the multivitamins tested under strict laboratory conditions did NOT disintegrate, and if your multivitamin doesn’t disintegrate you can’t get the benefits it promises to deliver.(15) nutreince’s liquid delivery system makes it up to 98% absorbable making sure you get what your body needs to achieve extraordinary health! Additionally, nutreince capsules are easy to to swallow and immediate release...tested to insure that disintegration takes place as promised.


  • nutreince powders and capsules are free of binders, fillers, preservatives, and allergens including wheat, corn, seeds, nuts, and fish. nutreince is also free of sugar, HFCS, gluten, caffeine, lactose, and fat.
  • nutreince powders are convenient for the 40% of men, women and children who have a hard time taking pills or tablets,(16) and supplies 100% of the daily value (DV) of 20 essential vitamins and minerals adults and children need—more than any other major brand. 
  • nutreince’s single serving packets lock out the light and air to protect the potency of your multivitamin.
  • nutreince immediate release vegetarian capsules are easy to swallow and convenient for those that prefer capsules and an iodine free formulation.
  • All the great tasting, naturally flavored nutreince options are sweetened with all natural stevia leaf, while our nutreince natural box contains no flavor or sweetener for the purest at heart. Nutreince never contains insulin spiking sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • Nutreince is great for everyone – including low calorie, low carbohydrate and low fat dieters and is vegan/vegetarian and paleo/primal friendly.

nutreince supplies beneficial quantites and forms

You’d be angry if you thought you purchased a high-end sports car like a Porsche, but received a Yugo – right? Well, unfortunately that kind of bait and switch is common in the multivitamin world. Most manufactures use cheap, inferior forms of vitamins and minerals that are hard for your body to absorb. Or worse yet they don’t include them at all. Many times, these so called “complete” multivitamins are “completely lacking” at providing the beneficial quantities and forms of each essential micronutrient you need to achieve optimal health. And don’t be fooled by misleading manufactures supplying you with mega-doses of certain micronutrients either. In the world of multivitamin formulation, more is not always better – better is better.

Not only was nutreince specifically designed to meet the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines, we went above and beyond to make sure we were making a multivitamin we would take ourselves. In addition to having 100% of the RDI for 20 essential micronutrients, 500 mg of calcium, 420 mg of magnesium, and 2000 IU of natural vitamin D3 (the amount emerging science is currently recommending for optimal health) nutreince also contains:

  • 400 mcg of L-5-MTHF (Quatrefolic) and 100% RDI of Methylcobalamin a superior form of vitamin B12 – the highest quality, most biologically active, methylated forms of folate (vitamin B9) and vitamin B12.(17)
  • 420 mg of magnesium citrate, as well as 6 mg of lutein (the amount recommended to prevent Age Related Macular Degeneration) in each daily serving – Beneficial quantities you won’t find in other multivitamins.(18)
  • 40 mcg of vitamin K1 and 80 mcg of non-GMO vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7) delivering all three forms of vitamin K including both forms of vitamin K2 – the form responsible for directing calcium out of the arteries and into the bones.
  • 100% RDI for natural vitamin E (a non-GMO source), including the full spectrum (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta) of both tocopherols and tocotrienols.
  • 2500 IU of Preformed Vitamin A (from Palm fruit – a vegan source) 2500 IU of Beta-Carotene, 200 mcg of Zeaxanthin and 100 mcg of Astaxanthin. Some multivitamins only contain beta-carotene – an inactive form of vitamin A (pro-vitamin A), which must be converted in the body to retinal (preformed)– nutreince gives you both forms of vitamin A and also contains supper antioxidants astaxanthin and zeaxanthin.
  • 100% RDI for Chromium Polynicotinate (capsules contain 340% RDI) and 10 mcg of Vanadium
  • 10 mg of hydrosoluble Ubiquinone (CoQ10) for heart health. According to Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra MD, this hydrosoluble form of CoQ10 is even better than Ubiquinol!
  • Important accessory micronutrients such as such quercetin and grape seed extract for natural energy, intelligence, and high antioxidant levels.
  • 448 mg of Potassium in each daily dose of nutreince powdered beverages.
  • And…nutreince is formulated to contain statin safe quantities of Vitamins C and E. Medical professionals warn against taking more than 200 mg of vitamin C and/or 100 IU vitamin E in supplement form if you are taking statins as the anti-inflammatory effect of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can be inhibited by higher doses of these micronutrients.
  • All nutreince formulations are copper and iron free, and our capsules are also iodine free. (learn why)

nutreince‘s patented anti-competition™ technology increases efficacy by up to 80% by eliminating competitions and pairing synergies


While the A (Absorption) and B (Beneficial Quantities and Forms) in our guidelines are extremely important for increasing the absorption and utilization potential of the multivitamin, pay close attention now, because the C (Micronutrient Competition) and S (Micronutrient Synergy) are the real game changers in supplemental science.

What most people DO know is that vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body by attaching to receptor sites, or absorption pathways in the gastrointestinal tract, which act as docking locations for specific micronutrients. However, what most people DON’T know, it that the process of absorption can be more like an epic battle scene than a harmonious event. This display of combative behavior between micronutrients is one of the topics most commonly ignored by multivitamin manufacturers. It is called micronutrient competition or antagonism. Just as only one football team can win the Super Bowl, certain micronutrients compete with one another for absorption pathways (receptor sites) in your body. These competitive micronutrients will duke it out for domination of the receptor site, resulting in the absorption of one at the expense of the other.

Science has identified over 45 micronutrient competitions that have been shown to reduce the absorption, metabolization and/or utilization of individual micronutrients when combined in a typical multivitamin or nutritional supplement. (Take a look at the massive web of competitions that this creates.) This is one of the main reasons why medical science says that multivitamins don’t work and that nearly 80% of the vitamins and minerals in the typical multivitamin are literally flushed right down the toilet. (19)(20)(21)(22)(23)

Separating these competitive micronutrients is what makes nutreince’s formulation so far superior to other multivitamins, and we believe that it’s the main reason that Mira’s bones were able to rebuild so quickly and efficiently. Eliminating these competitions allowed the vitamins and minerals to finally do their jobs. It is literally like unlocking the door to the amazing health benefits of every micronutrient.

This technology is so advanced, and so unique, that we were given a US patent – we call it Anti-Competition™ Technology. It works by separating competing vitamins and minerals into different formulas to be taken at separate times during the day in order to naturally eliminate the competitions between competitive micronutrients without having to use artificial enteric coatings or synthetic chelation.

Just as antibiotics work to eliminate the dangerous effects of certain bacteria, Anti-Competition™ Technology eliminates the negative effects of micronutrient competition. Nutreince™, is the first and only multivitamin in the world to be formulated using Anti-Competition™ Technology to unlock the health enhancing power of the micronutrient.


And equally as important are the synergistic relationships between micronutrients, which work best when they work together. While micronutrient competition can completely block the benefits of competing micronutrients, micronutrient synergy can increase the absorption potential of certain micronutrients by as much as 200 percent! To put it metaphorically, consider the dynamic duo of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They needed to work as a team to solve difficult cases, harnessing Holmes’s intellectual prowess and Dr. Watson’s scientific background. The same is true in the case of making the right micronutrients match. Simply put, some micronutrients work best when working together.

nutreince provides more than 85 of these health-enhancing micronutrient synergies to greatly increase the absorption and utilization of many essential micronutrients resulting in greater health benefits. (Check out the dynamic duos of synergies here) But make no mistake, these synergies can only take place if the micronutrient competitions have first been eliminated.(21)(24)(25)

The bottom line is, we are proud of nutreince’s formulation and believe nutreince to be the most complete, most advanced multivitamin in the world. It is our greatest desire that it can help to improve your health and the health of your family!

Quality Control

Quality control is as important to us as it is to you

That is why nutreince is manufactured in a U.S., FDA registered facility with over 40 years of experience manufacturing dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, and has been certified cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), NSF, and NSF for Sport, Informed Choice, Informed Sport, organic and Kosher.

Before nutreince is made a rigorous screening of all raw materials is preformed by highly trained quality control personnel and the finished product receives full microbiological testing before being shipped to you.

Additionally, we send a beginning, middle, and end sample of each production lot to an offsite lab for independent analysis so that you can rest assured that the ingredients on the label are actually what you and your family are receiving.

All 5 products in the nutreince family contain advanced micronutrient formulations and utilize our patented Anti-Competition Technology (ACT).

nutreince Unflavored

Unflavored, Unsweetened Unlimited Possibilities Mixes into 8 oz. of water 0 calories & 0 carbs per 2 pack daily serving

nutreince Citrus/Tropical Flavor

Perfect for both kids and adults looking for traditional flavored favorites. Mixes into 8 oz. of water 8 calories & 2 carbs per 2 pack daily serving

nutreince Lime/Strawberry Flavor

Makes fantastic soda-like beverages when mixed with sparkling water! Mixes into  8 oz. of water 8 calories & 2 carb per 2 pack daily serving

nutreince Vanilla/Chocolate Flavor

It is delicious alone, in a protein shake or mixed into ice coffee. Mixes into 8 oz. of water 8 calories & 2 carbs per 2 pack daily serving

Perfect for those who prefer to take capsules.   Easy to swallow, immediate release vegetarian capsules. 

Additional Non-GMO Ingredients:

  • Citrus/Tropical: Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract, Sodium Chloride
  • Lime/Berry: Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Xyllitol, Stevia Leaf Extract, Sodium Chloride
  • Vanilla/Chocolate: Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Xyllitol, Stevia Leaf Extract, Sodium Chloride
  • Capsules: Vegetarian V-Caps Plus (cellulose), riboflavin for coloring

Directions For Use:

The AM and PM packets are formulated with Patented Anti-Competition Technology to contain unique proprietary blends of the listed ingredients.  It is essential to take both formulas to ensure that you receive the full amounts of the nutrients listed.  It is recommended to take nutreince at least 20 to 30 minutes before amor after a meal.  

Nutreince Powder Packets: In the morning empty contents of AM packet into 8 oz of water .  Shake or mix well and enjoy,  In the evening repeat with PM packet.

Nutreince Capsules: Take 4 AM capsules in the morning, and 4 PM capsules in the evening.


Triple Threat Replacement
How To Take Nutreince

What your colleagues are saying

Dave Asprey

For a very long time I said, “Don’t take multivitamins.” Because you can’t control the ratios, and I never found one that met my standards, but yours is the closest. I have great respect for the work you’ve done. I am one of the 10% with the genetic mutation that doesn’t handle folic acid very well. Throwing it in with the food, all willy-nilly, well, it just doesn’t serve us. The fact that you guys changed the formula, I really respect that. I am really pleased.

Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive


The bottom line is that we see results with nutreince! When we see lab values change, we know people are getting better and their increased energy tells it all.

Dr. Pedram Shojai, Producer of the documentary Vitality & Founder of

Jon Gabriel

The work that you’re doing is mind blowing and revolutionary.The things you have said things about nutreince and absorption are things that before a few months ago, I’ve never heard before. The nutreince supplements that I have been taking that you sent me have totally changed my energy level, completely… I haven’t taken a multivitamin in 10 years, I don’t believe in multivitamins because they don’t absorb properly… I don’t believe in them, I’m taking nutreince now, it’s the only one I believe in…I really love the Calton’s nutritional supplements. Jayson and Mira are light years ahead of anyone else in understanding the science of nutrient absorption. I feel a tremendous surge in my energy levels when I take their nutreince formula.

Jon Gabriel, International best selling author and creator of The Gabriel Method


I love nutreince for my patients as I know that no matter what is going on with their gut health, they are going to be able to absorb this ultra complete supplement. The added bonus is that it encourages my patients to drink their water.

Dr. Tami MD, Double Board Certified, author of the soon to be released ‘The Hormone Secret’

Mark Rogers

I’ve been taking Nutreince for two months and have fallen in love with it. I typically haven’t been a fan of multi-vitamins in the past, but the ABCs make a lot of sense to me. Now when I miss a day, I don’t feel whole!

Mark Rogers, founder


While others are starving themselves and becoming micronutrient deficient, using nutreince and MCTs like found in SkinnyFAT, I am able to maintain my strength and energy levels to perform at the best of my ability, even while cutting weight.



I have been down on multivitamins for a long time. Most of them have totally ridiculous ratios of essential nutrients and completely miss out on important ones like Magnesium and Calcium. They tend to be poor quality and don’t absorb well. Often times they don’t provide any nutrition and can actually make you feel ill or leech nutrients from your body. Mira and Jayson Calton have release a product called Nutreince and I have to say I am REALLY impressed… There are two really smart things about the way Nutreince is designed. First off it’s a powder so you don’t have to worry about swallowing a ton of pills, which you would need to in order to get the same amount of vitamins (especially magnesium which is very dense) and the packets are divided in two, one for the morning and one for the evening. They do this because vitamins compete with each other. For instance, Calcium and Magnesium compete for the same receptors in your body so they make it impossible to fully absorb both at the same time. These are in separate packets. In addition, Magnesium has a calming, sleep promoting effect, so why would you take it in the morning? I’ve been using the vitamins for just a short while now and I can already feel a difference in my energy levels and sleep quality (which of course I quantify using a variety of devices).

Ari Maisel, founder

Calton Nutrition Return Policy/Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Supplements: At Calton Nutrition your total satisfaction is our main priority. That is why we offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee (Shipping & Handling will not be refunded). This means you can try any of the Calton Nutrition brand supplements and if you are not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply return it to us for a full refund with in 30-days.(excludes nutreince sample packs, see below*) But it doesn’t end there, we are so confident in the quality of our supplements that we are extending our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and adding on an additional 70-day in-store credit policy. Meaning, even after the 30-day money back guarantee is over, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied within the first 100-days simply return your unused products to us for a full in-store credit. (please note: no cash/credit refunds will be issued after 30-days – only in-store credit. No in-store credit will be issued after 100 days from purchase date.

Triple Threat Tornado Portable Mixer Cups, Books, nutreince Sample Packs*, SpectraCell Lab Tests, CMS Application Fee and Board Certification Packages: Sorry, there are no refunds on Triple Threat Tornado Portable Mixer Cups, books, nutreince sample packs, SpectraCell Lab Tests, CMS application fees or the CMS Board Certification Package.

Customers/CMS/Retailers: To return an item, please contact our customer care department at to inform them of your return. Then simply mail us back the item(s) you would like to return using USPS (United States Postal Service) and make sure the package does NOT require a signature. If we receive your authorized return within 30-days of purchase: we will credit you back your full purchase price of the item(s) (shipping/handling will not be refunded). Refunds will be issued to the same credit card or PayPal account that was charged. If we receive your authorized return after 30-days from purchase: we will issue you an in store credit for the full purchase price of the item(s) (shipping/handling will not be refunded). No in-store credit will be issued after 100 days from purchase date.

To exchange: Looking to exchange one flavor variety of nutreince for another? No problem, just contact us and we will walk you through the simple process.


Please send your returns to:

Calton Nutrition Returns

1670 Frontenac Rd.
Naperville IL. 60563


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Introducing you to our good, better, best system of savings. First, you save a good amount over MSRP when you purchase 1 or 2 of any of our products. You save a better amount when you buy 3-5 of the same product, and you get your best savings when you purchase 6 or more of any item. It can save you as much as $5 a box/bag on products like nutreince, IN.POWER and Origin Omega… and that savings adds up fast!


We heard you loud and clear! You love FREE SHIPPING and we love to make you happy. You get free shipping on orders over $299* in the US. That can save you over $50 on a single order. That’s 50 great reasons for you to smile. And for our international friends, we didn’t forget about you either.  To keep your grins on, we are subsidizing your international shipping rates supplying you with cheaper rates for each order over $299 as well.*


Want to have the security of knowing that you won’t run out of your favorite Calton Nutrition products? No more calling in and telling us to rush an order to your house. Introducing our new fast & easy subscription plan. Not only will you breathe easier, but you can also save 5% on each order. You can easily update or change your preferences anytime and you also receive subscriber-only perks and promos. (learn more)


When you combine the 3 ways to save your savings really add up. Check this out…

Currently, if you and one other person in your house were to purchase two boxes of nutreince per month you would pay $49.95/per box plus $11.75 shipping. After 1 year that will end up costing you $1339.80

Now, lets take a look at how much you would save by using our three ways to save. First, when you buy in bulk and use Step Down Pricing to purchase four months of nutreince at once (8 boxes of nutreince for the two of you) you not only save $40 on your products, but you also save $47.00 on shipping! This brings you an annual total savings of $261.00

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* Free shipping applies only on orders in the contiguous United States and will be mailed FedEx smart post. Minimum order total of $299 must be met prior to shipping and handling and after any coupons or discounts are applied. Free shipping does not apply for Retailers or CMS.  International orders over $299 will be subsidized by $14.95.  The prices shown in the shipping options have all been reduced by this amount prior to appearing at checkout.

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Head on over to any product page, and click subscribe on the item you'd like to receive. Then, choose a quantity, and how often you'd like to receive it. You will be billed once during each delivery cycle. For example, if your subscription frequency is set to once every three months, you will be automatically charged every three months.

After you purchase, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to change your subscription frequency, change the products you receive, and cancel anytime. Alternately, you can just contact us at and we'll set you up.


Coupons cannot be applied to recurring orders, however as a subscriber, you will automatically receive 5% off each and every order, and you still get to save big with our step-down-pricing discounts if they apply. You'll also get early access to new products, flash sales and exclusive promos.


Good question! It depends on the product and how many people you're buying for. Each nutreince and Origin Omega will last a single individual 28 days. IN.POWER and SKINNYFat will very much depend on how much you use in different recipes and in the Triple Threat Shakes. If you want some help to figure out what you might need, and how often you will want it delivered don’t hesitate to contact customer service at and we'll set you up. And remember, it is very easy to change your subscription at any time.


You bet! You'll get an e-mail after you purchase with a link to change your subscription frequency, change the products you receive, update your order date, or cancel anytime. Alternately, you can just contact us at and we'll set you up.


You'll get an e-mail after you purchase with a link to change your subscription frequency or cancel anytime. Alternately, you can just contact us at and we'll set you up.

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